Easley Publications Announces Creation of Web Based Publishing Services

by Easley

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Many of our clients are now publishing printed materials which are distributed to their readers. In the vast majority of cases, they have reported being satisfied with the end result and with the benefits that this brings both to the company and to those that read the publication.

However, a large number of them have indicated interest in digital publication. Among these clients, there are two groups: those who simply want to distribute the same publication in digital format and those who need additional materials, such as articles, uploaded to their website.

To meet the needs of these clients, Easley announced today that we now offer digital publication services that are adapted to the specific needs of all our clients. For users who want their publication to be distributed digitally, we can provide a PDF format copy that can be viewable on PCs, as well as mobile computing devices such as tablets and smart phones. We can also take care of distribution by working together with specialists in email marketing, allowing us to send the publication to subscribers on behalf of the client. Of course, our clients are also free to take care of the distribution themselves and can do it in any way that they please, such as by making it freely downloadable on their website, putting it behind a “members only” section of their site, or requiring the user to fill out a contact form/survey before having access to the digital document.

We can now provide our services to clients who need a more complete web content solution. Our team now includes web publication experts that can take care of updating our clients website on their behalf. Examples of services that we can provide include the creation of industry news articles, corporate updates, announcements of new products, updates to existing product lists, etc. We also have graphic designers that can assist with the creation of logos, graphs and various types of artwork that may be required when publishing materials in a web based environment.

For clients who do not currently have a website, we are seeking to build a partnership with a New York based firm that provides web design and hosted online business solutions to our clients. Easley will take care of providing the needed content, while our partner will take care of designing the rest of the website elements, as well as providing hosting and online marketing services that the client may need.

The expansion of our services is being done to ensure that all of our clients get the results that they expect from Easley Publications. As usual, we can work together on a long term basis, or simply provide our tools and industry expertise to realize a one off project, such as in the case of an event that is held by the client for a special occasion. If you have any questions about our online publications services, please contact your account representative, or use the contact form on our website.

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