Why Choosing A Quality Partner is Important in Publications

by Easley

in Company News

Now that many businesses have realized the potential benefits that come with outsourcing their publications work, you will find plenty of managers and business owners looking for a partner that can help them with their publications, such as by doing desktop publishing or writing content for a business magazine. But if you want good results, choosing a dependable partner is extremely important. Here are some tips that can help you:

Avoid outsourcing publication work offshore, especially writing

Thanks to increased use of the internet, commerce has become global. Many offshore outsourcing firms exist in countries such as India, the Philippines, China, Pakistan, etc. that offer a variety of services to clients such as contact centers, web design, application development, etc. at lower costs in an effort to draw clients who want to save money.

This can be very beneficial for both parties involved in many areas of business, however writing is seldom one of them. We’ve had plenty of clients come to us after outsourcing writing work offshore, then ending up with materials that were ridden with grammatical errors, content that didn’t respect the requirements of the client, or writings that were outright plagiarized from other sources.

Easley Publications is based in New York City, USA and employs a staff of writers who have proven their ability to write in perfect English and respect the client’s requirements. Why take chances hiring foreign writers whose first language isn’t even English?

Look for a provider that is up front about costs and production times

Setting up a publication takes time, especially if this is the first time that you’ve hired a firm to do the work. Easley is up front about deliverly and production times with their clients. We do our best to respect deadlines and can give priority to certain clients if they need work done more urgently, however we always give a realistic image of when the work will get done. Be wary of any provider that promises to finish a project within a few days, especially before they’ve even been given the specifics of it. Very often, you will get excuses as to why it wasn’t done on time, or poorly done work that was rushed.

Custom pricing structures are better

A respectable publications company will always price their services based on what the client needs, not on what they can offer. For example, we can write a few magazine articles for you and then send them in digital format for you to publish yourself, or we can take care of designing, printing and publishing an entire magazine. Don’t pay for services that you don’t need just because they’re included in a “package” offered by a publications firm. At Easley, our clients request specific work to be done and pay for that work only. So for example if you need a promotional brochure done and will take care of printing it yourself, we will simply send you the files and won’t insist that you make us print it for you.

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