We’ve received a few inquiries from people interested in becoming a writer for our company. Easley Publications maintains a full time team of writers that are used to create content for our regular clients. We also work with other individuals who are hired on a contract basis, usually for a specific project or during periods where we receive a higher volume of orders.

Easley usually posts available positions on the information section of our website, in addition to advertising positions for certain projects on online boards and classified ads sites for the New York City area. Here are some more details on what it takes to become part of our team:

Flexibility to Write in Different Styles

Our company works with clients who operate in different industries. Therefore, some of the clients require that the content be written in a business oriented, informational tone. Others require sales materials that are very convincing and will appeal to the reader’s emotions to make them take action and explore the client’s product further. Some of our clients, such as those operating in the field of arts and entertainment need content that is more informal and humorous. Therefore, having the ability to adapt your writing style to the needs of our clients is important.

Knowledge of Additional Languages is an Asset

In addition to having professional and dedicated English writers, we sometimes require content to be produced in other languages, most notably Spanish, French and German. Having the capability to write at a professional level in another language is an asset, especially for writers that are contracted for specific projects for our international clients. We are currently seeking to offer to expand our reach globally and may need written materials created or translated in several different languages in the future.

Ability to Quickly Research and Analyze Information

In most cases, the client provides details about what they would need written in their publication. If it is an article that relates to their products, services or news about their business, they would send over the necessary materials for us to work with.

But in other cases, materials may need to be more general and talk about a certain issue or industry as a whole. Because of this, in addition to having the ability to produce content that respects the clients criteria, our writers need to know how to conduct research using various online resources, allowing them to get the necessary material produced. Writers need to find the appropriate resources and the needed facts, figures and data.

General Knowledge of Specific Industries and Fields

Since Easley Publications works with clients in a diverse range of fields, we may sometimes require writers who are already familiar with some of them, such as IT administration, law, health care, business management, international or American political issues, etc. This requirement would normally be posted in the ad looking for writers when we are recruiting new team members or contract writers.

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